sanderson portraitHOPKINS COUNTY, Ky. (12/31/19) — A social media group has been formed in Hopkins County related to Second Amendment rights to bear arms, and they are looking to area leaders for support.

Meanwhile, the Hopkins County Sheriff has offered advice and his stance on Second Amendment issues.

Kentucky United Hopkins County has 2,035 members on its Facebook page, which pledges to defend the right to bear arms in a peaceful, party-neutral manner through communication and coordinated action.

The group’s main concern appears to be possible infringement of rights due to various proposed bills that could be heard during the Kentucky General Assembly next month in Frankfort.

Some of the bills up for consideration include Bill Request 187 to repeal carrying concealed weapons without a license, Bill Request 835 related to domestic abuse convictions/firearms surrender, Bill Request 354 related to regulation of firearms/ammunition capacity, Bill Request 354 on possession of firearms/assault weapons, Bill Request 282 on prohibiting unlawful storage of firearms and Bill Request 342 on comprehensive regulation of firearms.

A resolution will be read during the Hopkins Fiscal Court Jan. 7 meeting related to Second Amendment rights.

Hopkins County Sheriff Matt Sanderson released the following statement on proposed infringements related to the matter:

“Just wanted to let everyone know where your Sheriff stands on this matter of the Second Amendment infringements that are proposed. 1. I don’t like any proposed laws that I have seen. We don’t need any new restrictions concerning gun laws. We need judges to strictly enforce the current gun laws. Gun law violations, especially when committed by violent felons, need high bonds, and if found guilty, need strict punishment. 2. The ‘Red Flag’ laws give me concern because I fear it will take away the Due Process guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. I do believe there are times when firearms need to be removed but they need to be few and far between and there need to be “specific facts” that show “an imminent and extreme risk” that they are a danger to themselves or others. However, law enforcement needs to be able to act if we have specific facts that lead us to believe the individual is about to harm others with the use of firearms. 3. In my opinion, high capacity magazines do not create a greater risk to the public. If someone is proficient with changing a 10 round capacity magazine there is no difference. 4. There does not need to be a ‘registry’. It will do no good, and in my opinion, violates our rights. This, to me, is a slippery slope.”

The Sheriff also mentioned assigning a specific title to the style of a firearm such as “assault weapon” is “ridiculous,” since any weapon could be considered an assault weapon if used against someone else in a malicious manner, like a hammer, for instance.

Sanderson said, “Guns don’t harm people. People harm people. I believe it is a mental health issue and the way our children are being raised” including in broken homes, parents/guardians providing no oversight in what children are watching and learning as well as access to violence related to video gaming.

The sheriff believes proposed laws concerning firearms will not pass the Kentucky Legislature or even make it to the floor for vote. He recommends citizens contact their local representatives to voice concern by visiting

He also mentioned people should remain educated and professional related to the cause.

“Becoming angry and verbally abusive to others and calling names means you lose credibility as a group, which hurts the cause,” he said. “There is no need to argue with people that are not willing to educate themselves about the issues at hand. Contact your representatives: this is vital.”

Sanderson said he strongly supports the Second Amendment and the resolution the county is considering, adding stricter gun laws would only harm law-abiding citizens.

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