outdoortruths 03 300KENTUCKY (5/26/19) — It won’t be too long until farmers will begin cutting hay. On a normal year, most fields will be cut twice. The amount of rainfall, however, always determines whether there is a lack or an abundance. The first cutting is usually in late May or June. This gives the grass another opportunity to produce before the drought of summer stunts it for the year.

One of the tragedies that always happens is the death of newborn fawns. Unfortunately, these young deer lay in the field, thinking they are hiding, and are killed by the farmer’s tractor or the hay implements. It happens every year.

There’s a mechanism and trait that nature has given these new-born deer. They are scent free and the white dots on their sides act as a visual camouflage as well. If these fawns cannot be smelled or seen, they are most likely not going to be discovered by a predator. This is also the reason they refuse to move when unusual activity happens around them. Again, they have the built-in mechanism to remain still in order to not be detected. Unfortunately, if they are hidden in a hay field, this same trait that is supposed to protect them, instead causes their death.

All of nature is uniquely balanced in the same way. If this balance is maintained, there is harmony, and creation moves as God intended. When the balance moves in an extreme direction one way or the other, this harmony is lost. And in the case of nature, something usually dies.

Look at any scenario and you will see that extremes are always lacking, and balance is always more complete and less fragile.

I find this true also with human nature. I find it equally important for Christians.

Extremism in Christianity produces division and fosters hatred. It has no choice but to be legalistic and by default judgmental. It can be prideful and exclusive. And none of these characteristics describe the grace of God that was given to us, nor the grace of God that we are to give to others.

Grace is messy. Its parameters are not easily defined. Its rules are not easily understood. I believe God wanted it that way. That way, when we don’t know the answer or what to do, we will always default to “I will love my neighbor as myself.”

Gary Miller
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