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UPDATE: FRANKFORT, Ky. (2/13/19) — Kentucky State Police held a press conference today in Frankfort related to an Investigation spanning two states that ended in a trooper-involved shooting Monday afternoon in Oldham County.

KSP determined the woman abducted by the suspect in Ohio was 20-year-old Skylar Williams, who was fatally shot by the suspect. The two had a child in common. She died at University of Louisville Hospital.

The lead trooper involved in the pursuit administered life-saving efforts on Williams by applying a tourniquet, KSP indicated.

Troopers were unaware of the reported abduction from the Ohio State University campus, and later learned about the details from Ohio authorities after the incident unfolded off I-71 Monday in Oldham County. A caller contacted 911 in Gallatin County related to a woman in distress at Valero gas station, who appeared to say, “help me,” through her lip movement, KSP reported. The driver was seen forcing her into a Dodge Caravan, and then sped down I-71 toward Oldham County.

The suspect, identified as Ty’rell Pounds, 24 of Mansfield, Ohio, was said to be wearing a bullet-proof vest, when the trooper fired shots at him after the trooper heard gunfire. Forensics revealed the suspect shot the woman as police units surrounded the vehicle along a ramp off I-71 following the pursuit. KSP reported recovering a gun at the scene used by the suspect to kill the young mother.

KSP Commissioner Rick Sanders reported Post 5 Trooper Joey Brown has been placed on administrative leave as the KSP Incident Response Team investigates. Early on, troopers were sure that Brown clearly struck only the suspect with gunfire, but they wanted to conduct a thorough investigation to confirm that through forensic analysis.

The suspect and the victim had a child in common, and were previously in a relationship, authorities in Ohio told KSP, Sanders said. The child was found safe and is staying with family members.

“Troopers did what they needed to do,” Sanders explained, adding KSP is deeply saddened by the deaths of both individuals. “Shortly after shooting, we had reason to believe the two were involved in the Ohio abduction, and it took time to positively ID the deceased.”

Sanders described five-year KSP veteran Brown as an “exemplary trooper” and model for other law enforcement personnel.

“We got behind the vehicle on 71, and had to take some sort of action to keep them from getting back on the interstate due to highway dangers posed on others,” Sanders said during the press conference today. “The trooper conducted a pit maneuver at a low speed on the ramp, which seemed like the best place. Officer Brown performed the pit maneuver,” and the van drove into his cruiser. Other responding officers blocked the van from leaving.

Officer Brown was pinned in and when he got out of his cruiser, KSP said. Brown immediately saw the suspect with a weapon, and shot several times into the driver’s portion of the vehicle. Pounds was wearing a Kevlar, bullet-proof vest, and Brown had fired a number of shots to stop the suspect.

After seeing Pounds was down, Sanders said Brown immediately checked on the victim in the passenger seat and tried to save her life. She was shot in the arm and the bullet went through her chest.

Late Tuesday night, the forensics lab determined Williams was shot by the suspect’s weapon, Sanders said. His gun jammed from the two shots fired from Pounds’ weapon. The bullet found in the victim matched the bullets recovered from the weapon Pounds fired.

“These troopers responded in the way they were trained,” Sanders said, “not knowing all the circumstances surrounding the incident … I’m extremely proud in the way KSP handled this situation.”

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CRESTWOOD, Ky. (2/13/19) — Kentucky State Police Critical Incident Response Team is investigating an officer-involved shooting related to a kidnapping that began in Mansfield, Ohio earlier this week.

A trooper returned gunfire after multiple authorities worked to stop the fleeing suspect off an I-71 exit ramp in Oldham County, KSP reported. The suspect died at the scene. A female was struck by at least one round of gunfire, and died at the University of Louisville Hospital.

The victim was identified as Skylar Williams, 20 of Mansfield, Ohio. Authorities have not yet revealed her relationship to the suspect, who has been confirmed by Ohio authorities as Williams’ abductor.

A news conference is scheduled 2 p.m. (ET) at KSP Headquarters in Frankfort related to the abduction and shooting incident.

KSP Post 5 received a call from Gallatin County dispatch at 3:24 p.m. Monday, KSP reported. The caller told dispatchers a female appeared to be in distress at a gas station and a male had forced her into a vehicle, which sped south toward I-71. Troopers spotted the vehicle described as a Dodge Caravan with a Quebec registration plate.

According to the report, troopers saw the Caravan going south in Henry County and a traffic stop was initiated at the 34-mile marker. A pursuit ensued as the driver continued into Oldham County. The suspect evaded stop sticks, prompting Oldham County Police and Sheriff’s units along with other KSP troopers to set up at the Exit 14 Pee Wee Valley/Crestwood ramp.

KSP indicated the suspect, identified as Ty’rell Pounds, 24 of Mansfield, Ohio, took the Pee Wee Valley Exit ramp, where he crossed Kentucky 329 in an attempt to re-enter the interstate. The primary pursuit unit prevented Pounds from getting back on the highway. The van stopped on the ramp, where the trooper attempted to apprehend the driver.

“While attempting to apprehend the suspect, the trooper heard a gunshot coming from within the vehicle which he perceived as an immediate deadly threat to himself and the female passenger,” KSP wrote. “The trooper drew his service weapon and fired at which time the suspect was struck, resulting in his death at the scene. During this event, the female passenger was struck by at least one round of gunfire. The female was transported by Oldham County EMS to the University of Louisville Hospital where she was pronounced deceased by the Jefferson County Coroner.”

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