second amendmentKENTUCKY (3/19/19) — Citing a lower incidence of crime rates in states that have passed similar legislation to Kentucky’s new law legally allowing most citizens to carry a concealed firearm, state Sen. C.B. Embry said he received overwhelming constituent support for Senate Bill 150, which he co-sponsored.

“My contacts (emails, phone calls, faxes, letters, texts and Facebook messages) from 6th District constituents were in the hundreds and were over 85 percent in favor of the proposed legislation,” said Embry. “Fifteen other states have passed this legislation and the crime rates in those states have dropped.”

Gov. Matt Bevin signed the law, which passed the state House and Senate recently with bipartisan support and makes it legal for those age 21 and older, who can legally own a gun, to carry a concealed firearm without a permit.

The law, which goes into effect 90 days after the last day of general assembly session — March 28 — didn’t change laws that prohibit carrying weapons into forbidden areas like courthouses.

While citizens still have the option to get a permit, the new law means it’s not required.

ccw story mugsGov. Matt Bevin recently said while he has a concealed and carry license, he and other eligible Kentuckians will be no longer be required to have one.

“It’s nothing more than an affirmation of an existing Second Amendment right that has existed since the 1770s, and to that end, we and other states, have treated it and restricted it to various degrees. We had allowed open carry without a license, but if you put a jacket on, suddenly you were in violation,” Bevin said on a WKRC radio show last week.

Bevin said the law makes Kentucky a constitutional carry state, however, the state will still issue permits to those that want one. He recommends getting the valuable training that accompanies the permit requirements, he said.

McLean County Sheriff Ken Frizzell said while he wholeheartedly supports citizens’ Second Amendment right to bear arms, there are several benefits for citizens obtaining a conceal and carry permit.

“Having the permit makes purchasing firearms easier and if you travel to other states, you still need that permit,” said Frizzell. “My only concern with not requiring a permit is that people need to be trained on that weapon and they need to know when they can use that firearm.”

Frizzell said he has heard people say they will shoot someone for breaking into their vehicles or detached garages, which is against the law, he said.

“The law says you can shoot in situations of self defense — there’s imminent danger to yourself for serious bodily harm or death,” said Frizzell. “A garage or car doesn’t fall into self defense.”

Frizzell said the permit process includes training on a personal weapon as well as education on when using the firearm is legal. When permits were issued by his office, a handout of information on when to legally use a firearm was given to the new permit holder.

He said it’s too soon to tell how much revenue will be lost by the new law not requiring the permit but would hope citizens would consider acquiring one for the training benefits.

Muhlenberg County Sheriff Ricki Allen said he concurs with Frizzell’s position of training and education regarding the permitting process.

“The biggest concern is safety,” said Allen. “With the permitting process, you do receive safety training and when it’s legal to use force and the use of deadly physical force.”

Allen also compared new gun owners to new drivers.

“When someone turns 16, you don’t just say, ‘Here ya go,’,” said Allen. “First, there’s training.”

Rita Dukes Smith
SurfKY News Director

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